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To name a few of the cars included in the “MOON Collection” was a record setting ‘mini streamliner’ powered by a 90 CI Harley Davidson motorcycle engine, an outstanding 32 Ford coupe and a ultra-sleek sports car.Jeep and Ronnie Hampshire, brothers separated by only eleven months in age (born in 1938), grew up sharing a love for cars and racing.

Jeep bought his first car, a 1935 Ford, early into his high school years, but finances being what they were, it remained stock for as long as he owned it. After their graduation from high school in 1946, the brothers went from being spectators to participants with Ronnie supplying a 1934 Ford sedan and Jeep providing a highly modified flathead V8 for power.

The brothers continued to share their common love of racing and exchanged a lot of information.