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So Ken takes him on the back of his bike to The Ponderosa.

They find that three young lads have been larking about in Ken's greenhouse.

They ask Ken to recover their lion, Watson, which has been stolen by a group of animal-rights campaigners who want to use it to publicise their cause.

John Landry [ Lionel Blakey ], Barbara Ewing [ Meg Lucie ] While sorting out unpaid bills at The Grand, Doreen find s one relating to a man who has since died.

Patterson and Ibrahim catch them locked in passionate embrace, so Billy thinks quickly and introduces Gloria as his wife. Acting on a hunch, Ken follows Billy to The Ponderosa and finds him giving an impromptu football lesson to the lads who destroyed his greenhouse.

Ken and Harry sort out the garden while Doreen sorts out Meg's bills.This is particularly important because Wally Patterson, manager of the Saudi Arabian national team, and Abdul Ibrahim, one of the team's sponsors, are coming to the match.They want Billy to act as captain and coach for the Arabian team.Ibrahim offers Billy the job as manager (having sacked Patterson), but Billy turns him down when Rhoma agrees to have him back.

Sneh Gupta [ Surinder Kaur ], Gurdial Sira [ Narain Singh ], Tanveer Ghani [ Ranjit Singh ], Omar Salimi [ Balbir Singh ], Badi Uzzaman [ Surinder's Father ], Donald Sumpter [ Jack Evans ], Chrissie Coterill [ Shirley ], Dave Atkins [ Ben Gibbs ], Roger Walker [ Les Rickett ], Russll Kilminster [ Mr Casey ], Andy Bradford [ Van Driver ], Steve Lucock [ Teenage Biker ], Simon Crane [ Car Thief ], Sean Mc Cabe [ Car Thief ] Ken falls off his bike while he is riding along a snowy country lane.Maurice Denham [ Major Hopkinson ], Donald Sumpter [ Jack Evans ], Carl Duering [ Van Kessel ], Stacy Davies [ DI Thomas ], John Forgeham [ Lenny Gates ], Jim Dunk [ Ronnie Gates ], Matthew Scurield [ Sgt Wilson ], Stephen Bill [ Water Board Official ] Major Hopkinson, an old man who collects chiming clocks asks Ken for help after he is terrorised by some thugs to whom he owes money. Michael O'Hagan [ Brook ], Ken Kitson [ Tom ], Charles Lawson [ Niall Mahoney ], Sean Lawlor [ Sean Mahoney ], Lloyd Mc Guire [ Massie ], Michael Eaves [ Phipps ], Timothy Block [ Collins ], John Dallimore [ Hart ], Frank Ellis [ Lee ], Roger Mc Kern [ Burrows ], Geoffrey Greenhill [ Pearce ], Pat Rossiter [ Mrs Lee ], Len Marten [ Parker ], Dick Brannick [ Caretaker ], Terry John [ Policeman ], Richard Henry Edwards [ Barman ], Bunny Reed [ Irish Drinker 1 ], Ray Callaghan [ Irish Drinker 2 ] Malcolm Jamieson [ Billy Buchanan ], Brendan Price [ Grant ], Malcolm Terris [ Wally Paterson ], Anthony Stamboulien [ Abdul Ibrahim ], Lindy Whiteford [ Rhoma Buchan ], Gina Maher [ Gloria ], John Arthur [ John ], Roger Hammond [ Frames ], Robert Gibbs [ Rings ], Richard Park [ Ron ], Daniel Darcy [ Seb ] Harry is organising a charity football match between the firemen and the All Stars.