Benefits of consolidating data centers

03-Feb-2018 04:41

If configurations are significantly diverse (as would be the case in data centers obtained through a merger), the equipment installed in the backup site would be a multiple of any of the others, which is an uneconomic proposition.Server and storage virtualization help with this, but if physical configurations are not comparable, a price will be paid in capacity.If the sites are to be consolidated to one, it is clear that an alternate site is also required. With three or more, it might make sense to have one act as a disaster recovery center for the others.A core assumption contained within a centralized disaster recovery strategy is that the backup facility contains enough equipment to run the production operations of any of the other sites should one of them be affected.Similarly to larger organizations, these companies also see a need to consolidate their processing.Moreover, for both large and small organizations, the needless duplication of personnel, real estate, heating and cooling, and network connectivity have become a financial drag at a time when expenses are receiving increased management scrutiny.Plus, the cabling throws heat that needs to be dissipated under the floor.

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If there were a need to use the facility for recovery purposes, and if server virtualization were not employed, it would be necessary to run servers equivalent to those in the affected site (with the concerns noted above) while continuing to receive and store replicated data from the other two sites.In many cases, they have grown by acquisition and have added data centers along with their new subsidiaries.

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