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08-Aug-2017 14:19

It is as if I’ve broken some unwritten law when I ask what they are looking for and am dissatisfied with the answer “I don’t really like to put labels on things.” But putting labels on things are how people find the exit during a fire and make sure they’re adding vanilla extract to the cake instead of arsenic.

My aim is not to force everyone to return in lock-step to monogamous relationships that begin after exactly 8.3 dates and result in marriage 29 months later. I am a firm believer that everyone ought to exercise their God-given right to use Tinder in whatever fashion is most suitable for their present relationship goals (or lack thereof).

Chill is a garbage virtue that will destroy the species. Because that is making it — if I am engaging in emotional or sexual intimacy with someone.

I routinely happen upon men who are perplexed when I eventually declare that I want to know where we stand. If a man is in “Not really feeling this becoming more than what it is,” territory, I should be made aware in no uncertain terms.

To even acknowledge that there might be an emotional dimension to talking or dating or hanging out or coming over or fucking or whatever the kids are calling it all these days feels forbidden. Chill suggests that young love is best expressed as competitive ambivalence.

The ever-reliable Urban Dictionary has 111 definitions of “chill,” the first of which appeared in June 2002.They have discernible tastes and beliefs but they are unlikely to materialize as passionate.

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