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On that evening the grand Rialto, which had held the intersection at the bottom of Main Street since 1939, burned to a pit full of charred rubble.

Its beverage room was missed most of all and was quickly replaced by a ‘wannabe’ cantina that hammers the night air with music loud enough to make a passing stroller’s diaphragm vibrate. Jutting from the Lake’s western shore some two kilometres south of Town, Haynes Point Provincial Park offers 41 showerless camp sites.

It is a 400 kilometre long continuation that same rift which the Columbia River breaks into some 100 kilometres south of here and follows down the length of Washington state.

Its precipitous walls attest to the Valley’s genesis as a graben, a sunken block of land between two parallel fault lines.

Given time and reason, they will warn, and the foolhardy doofus who ignores this may well get a surprise of his/her own.

They are quick and remorseless, can strike an amazingly long way, and drive their fangs through most footwear. Unless U suffer and allergic reaction, you likely will not die.

However, if you happen across a specimen squished on the Highway and are tempted to stop and take its tail rattle as a souvenir, remember that the peculiar physiology of the beast enables even one freshly dead to strike.) Visitors will soon forgive Osoyoos its pseudo-Spanish styling.

At the end of the 1960s, needing a gimmick to attract the vacationers who thronged to Penticton and Kelowna on Lake Okanagan, the Town’s boosters embraced the American “ Southwest” motif.

Splashed across the Lake’s pinch, Osoyoos worships the sun.Twisting its way past this viewpoint, the rift eventually peters out in dendritic fractures north beyond the Trans-Canada Highway.Hidden from sight by the valley’s meanders, the hundred crooked kilometres of Lake Okanagan are said to seclude the serpentine Ogopogo, distant relative of Loch Ness’s famous denizen.Okay; there are not yet 1001 motels in Osoyoos, but there are plenty.

Many are on the Highway; standard two-decker cindercrete block boxes with exterior stairways, sizzling neon signs cutting hard-edged shadows in the summer evening, chlorinated pools closed at p.m.

Picking up the 3A’s traffic, the eastbound Crowsnest becomes Main Street as it glides down into the heart of Osoyoos (227m).

Among reported cases, the average loss estimate was 0,500; the median was ,000.… continue reading »

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They also reported being flooded with matches and responses.… continue reading »

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